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  Our mission is to provide the very best in equine management. Areas of importance include safety, top quality nutrition (top quality forage first), individualized care for every horse, cleanliness, and organization. Full-care pasture, stall board, and rehabilitation boarding is available. Boarding plans are tailored to meet your horse’s individual needs. Overnight boarders/layovers also welcome. Please contact us for current boarding availability.

• Exceptionally well-maintained grass pastures year-round (summer/fall: bermuda grass; winter/spring: rye)
• Top quality timothy/orchard grass hay from NY (same farm, same quality, year-round), 20+ pounds/horse/day in the winter, fed in a slow feeder
• Nutrena grain: Balance (ration balancer) + Boost (omega fatty acid supplement) +/- ProForce Senior as needed to maintain an ideal body weight (body condition score 5/9) - no skinny horses here!
• Free-choice salt licks
• Psyllium (sand clear) supplement given the first 7 days out of every month
• Cosequin joint supplement available for $30/month
• Additional supplements provided by owner fed at no extra charge
• Horses fed twice per day
• Holding for farm farrier & veterinarian
• Deworming (we follow the most recent AAEP guidelines of 2-4 times per year)
• Very effective fly control system + Fly Predators used March through October
• Blanketing
• Lesson discounts for all boarders that allow their horse to be used in our quality lesson program ($10 credit per lesson)

Pasture Board
24/7 turnout with full care. Geldings and mares are pastured separately (each have a 3-4+ acre pasture). Horses are fed individually. Shelter and shade is available in all pastures. Pastures cleaned regularly.

Stall Board
Stalls can be used 24/7 or have up to 12 hours of turnout each day (usually daytime turnout in the winter and nighttime turnout in the summer). Horses can be turned out individually or in group turnout (into designated mare or gelding pasture). Stalls are bedded with pine bedding (fine shavings or pelleted bedding, depending on each horse) and cleaned thoroughly twice daily.

Training Board
Training is available on a per-ride/a la carte basis (exercise & training rides) or by monthly packages (8-20 sessions per month). Horses in training (here short-term) are stalled with up to 12 hours of private turnout each day (usually daytime turnout in the winter and nighttime turnout in the summer). Permanent pasture-boarded residents may also participate in our training programs.

Rehabilitation Board
Rehabilitation board is available for horses laid-up due to lameness. Stall board is available with access to small pens and small turnouts, as needed. There is room for indoor (wide, oversized barn aisle way) and outdoor hand walking, and plenty of space for hand grazing. Dr. Laura Smith can help tailor an individual plan for your horse and oversee veterinary rechecks and treatments, as needed, and is happy to work as a team with your current veterinarian. We also have a wonderful farrier as part of our team that is happy to help with corrective trimming/shoeing needs.

Overnight Boarding
Overnight boarding and layovers are welcome. We have stalls and private grass turnouts available. Our private ten-acre farm is located just two miles off Highway 70, five miles from Hwy 795, and 15 miles south of I-95. The farm is convenient to Goldsboro, Smithfield, and surrounding areas, a perfect half-way stop between FL and NY. A negative coggins (within one year) and health certificate (within 30 days) are required for out-of-state horses. Timothy/orchard grass hay from NY is also available for purchase, as needed

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