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  High quality forage is paramount to a horse's health and well-being! Gorgeous top quality timothy/orchard grass hay and timothy/orchard grass/alfalfa hay is available from NY, year-round. All hay is very fresh, green, and weed free. You won't find prettier hay!

2nd cutting timothy/orchard grass (55-65+ lb bales) - $11.99/bale + tax ($11.49/bale for 100 or more bales)
Very green, sweet and fresh, horses will eat 100% of this hay, high protein (14+%)

1st cutting timothy/orchard grass (45-55 lb bales) - *currently unavailable due to rainy season in NY*
Light green, sweet and fresh, very low stems for 1st cutting (horses will eat 85-100% of this hay)

Pick up is by appointment only. No pickup on Sundays. Local delivery available with 1-2 weeks notice. Please contact us for current availability. *Ask to join our email list for months updates.* You can also follow us on Facebook for the latest updates and pictures.

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