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  High quality forage is paramount to a horse's health and well-being! Gorgeous top quality timothy/orchard grass hay and timothy/orchard grass/alfalfa hay is available from NY, year-round. All hay is very fresh, green, and weed free. You won't find prettier hay!

**We also have fine pine shavings ($5.50/bag) and pine pelleted bedding ($6/bag) available.**

2017 2nd cutting timothy/orchard grass (35-45 lb bales & 55+ lb bales) - $10.49 or $12.49/bale + tax **limited quantities remaining**
Smaller bales are dark green, larger bales are lighter; both very soft

2018 1st cutting timothy/orchard grass (45-55 lb bales) - price TBD (coming July 15th!)
GORGEOUS hay, looks like 2nd cutting

Pick up is by appointment only. No pickup on Sundays. Local delivery available (please give us as much notice as possible). Please contact us for current availability. *Ask to join our email list for months updates.* You can also follow us on Facebook for the latest updates and pictures.

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