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Lesson HorsesBelow are short bios for all the horses that reside at Maple Ridge Farm. Approximately half of our horses are boarded and owned by lesson students, and the other horses are owned by Laura and Nathan.

Ross is a 2009 model, 15.2hh registered AQHA red dun gelding. Ross is a sweetheart and has lots of personality. He is a finished reining horse and has a couple of years experience in NRHA shows. Ross is an all-around English and Western mount with his owner, Lori, and excels in Western pattern work. He is also used in a few reining, hunter/jumper, and barrel lessons for more advanced riders. He is an exceptional trail horse.

Julio is a 1996 model, 14.2hh registered AQHA red dun gelding. Julio is a finished reining horse and has shown in NRHA shows most of his life. He is now owned by Peyton, where he is used predominately for hunter/jumper riding and barrel racing. He is shown throughout the year. Julio also excels in pattern work and reining, and is used for beginner through advanced lessons. Julio is a trail champ. He's very laid back and fun to be around.

Asha is a 2005 model, 15.1hh registered AQHA grey mare. Asha is Shelly's Western pleasure trained mare. Shelly plans to pursue working western, ranch riding, and trail patterns with Asha. Asha is very well trained and tries hard to please. She's very laid back. Asha is available for Western rail and pattern lessons.

Belle is a 2006 model, 15.2hh registered AQHA buckskin mare. Belle is quiet for beginner riders, and is also a great choice for intermediate through advanced riders. Belle is a reining horse by breeding and training, but she is also used for all-around riding, both English and Western. She is a favorite for barrel racing. Her beautiful jog is very competitive at local shows. Belle also loves to trail ride. Belle is available for on-site lease.

Leo is a 1999 model, 15.2hh registered APHA brown and white paint gelding. Leo is owned by Dan, and is used predominately as a trail horse and for some Western and English riding. Leo has been a trail horse for most of his life, but also enjoys jumping and barrel racing. Leo has competed at a few fun shows here at the farm. He is very steady and laid back, but also loves to go when asked. He is used mostly in intermediate through advanced lessons.

Marshal is a senior Arabian cross flea-bitten gelding. Marshal is owned by Gracie, who enjoys Western riding, barrels, and trail riding. Marshal is super laid back and easy going. He is shown in a couple of fun shows each year. Marshal is available for lessons, and is also a perfect mount for trail riding.

Lady is a 2005 model, 14.2hh registered AQHA sorrel mare. Lady is owned by Jay and Emma. Lady is reining bred and trained, showed some in NRHA during her derby age, and has also dabbled into English riding. She is a nice mover and quite a looker! Lady is occasionally trail ridden as well.

Ryan is a 2009 model, 15hh registered APHA buckskin and white paint gelding. Ryan excels in hunter/jumper and barrel racing with his owner, Hailey, who has worked diligently to teach Ryan how to jump. Ryan is a reining horse by breeding and was also started as a reining horse, and does some reining with Hailey in lessons. Ryan has lots of personality and loves attention. He is shown throughout the year. Ryan is used in a few reining, barrel, and English lessons by advanced riders. He is also a perfect, quiet mount for trail rides on the farm.

Ruby is a 2007 model, 14.3hh Quarter horse/Appaloosa cross mare. Ruby is owned by Allena, and she is used predominately as a hunter/jumper mount and occasional barrel racing. Ruby is very easy going and has a great work ethic. Allena started Ruby's show career in 2016, and makes progress towards her goals at each show and at each lesson.

Beau is a 2003 model, 14.2hh registered AQHA sorrel gelding. Beau is a perfect horse for beginner lessons. He is very loving and patient. He is also very talented and well-trained with extensive show miles, and is a great choice for all levels of riders. Beau is a finished reining horse and was shown in NRHA shows for most of his life, but he is also used for all-around riding, both English (including jumping) and Western. He has a really fun lope and also loves barrel racing. He is also a very smooth jumper. Beau is used on farm trail rides. Beau is available for on-site lease.

Cookie is a 1997 model, 12.1hh POA mare. She is very sweet, extremely calm, and very gentle with children. She is a super cute mover and very bold jumper. She loves to work hard! She has extensive show miles as a small hunter pony. Cookie is used for beginner lunge lessons through advanced English hunter jumper lessons. She also rides Western, barrel races, and trail rides. She is a favorite for pony rides and pony birthday parties. Everybody loves Cookie! Cookie is available for on-site lease.

Beamer is a 14.1hh, 2005 model AQHA chestnut gelding. Beamer is very quiet, fun to ride, gentle, and the perfect gentleman for both kids and adults. Beamer is a reining horse by breeding but has been used and trained as an all-around horse. He has extensive show and trail miles. Beamer has been recently retired from our lesson program since he needs to be a walk/trot only horse now to maintain soundness. Beamer is currently looking for a new home where he can make someone a perfect pony as a walk/trot pony!

VIvi is a 16hh, 2011 model AQHA dun mare. Vivi is a true sweetheart and does exactly what she's asked. She is Laura's project mare. Vivi is reining bred and will be finished as a reining and ranch riding mount, in addition to learning English railwork and barrels. She goes well at a walk/trot/lope and is working on perfecting neck reining and has a great start with all her reining maneuvers. She will be used in lessons once she is at a certain level in her training. Vivi also loves to trail ride.

Breeze is a 15.1hh, 2003 model registered AQHA grey gelding. He is very laid back, loves to work, and has lots of "buttons." He is a favorite among those who enjoy riding "feely" horses. His jog and lope are very smooth with flawless transitions. He is a finished, successfully shown NRHA reining horse and fantastic all-around horse. Breeze is best suited for the intermediate through advanced rider, due to all his buttons. He excels in reining and pattern work, but he also loves to jump and run barrels. Breeze loves to show. He also enjoys trail rides.

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